About Us

ajPrakobsin Thanapanyarak. “ Chef&Owner”
Hi everyone, my name is Prakobsin but I’m usually called “Chef A.” as it’s my nickname. I was a well-known chef at Mandarin Oriental Bangkok, a very popular five stars hotel in Thailand. I had 2 certificates in high standard Thai cuisine before moving to work in Slovenia. I started up with a few famous Thai restaurants in Ljubljana and run it successfully nowadays. Moreover, I had been working as an executive Chef in the areas of Thai fine-cuisine, Thai street-food, and Thai fusion for over 10 years. From start-up, I have been successfully managing my restaurant business. If
you love Thai food think about us “OnThai

mijiRujee Thanapanyarak.“Chef&Owner”
Hi! I’m Chef Miji. I was also experienced in working at a successful five stars hotel “Mandarin
Oriental Bangkok” and high profile restaurants in North America as a chef, together for over 10
years. Before moving to Slovenia, I was a qualified chef with a certificate in Thai cuisine from the
government. So far, I have been working as a chef in famous Thai restaurants in Ljubljana and I
like to provide customers with an “authentic Thai food” and cooking by my soul. 🙂


Namphueng (Honey) Iamley Potočnik “Chef&Owner”
Hello everyone, Im Namphueng, but you can just simply call me Honey 🙂 I was born and raised in a lovely street food vendor family in Thailand. I started to cook since I was 8 years old. Because of that I had a long experience in preparing/cooking local Thai food. Moreover, I gained experience in food sciences, food safety and material management at Nestle(Thai) Ltd. Later on, I moved to Slovenia and I started working in a Thai restaurat as a chef assistant, event cook, creater of new Thai menus and responsible for some cooking and kitchen management tasks. As I constantly gained experience in Thai cuisine, nowadays, as Chef De Cuisine at On Thai, I would like to provide real-taste local Thai food to all customers with reasonable prices and Im sure that you will never regret visiting our restaurant. 🙂