It All Began... 2015, in the cold days of December, our Miji decided to give a shape to her long-standing dream. She rented a small space that allowed her to cook with wok in the center of Ljubljana. The smell of her cooking lured a few people walking around town. She served them colorful, quick and above all healthy food and thus convinced many gourmets who doubted the authenticity of Thai food on Slovenian land.

The name On thai consists of two key words. ON- represents the beginning of the show, the beginning of dreams, the beginning of growth. The word THAI- represents the first owners of Thai descent who opened a restaurant on foreign land.

The restaurant's logo also hides the Lai Thai decorative pattern as a symbol for expressing the way of life, belief, tenderness and beauty.

With a greater demand for her exotic flavors, she and her husband AJ decided to expand their small kitchen in the middle of Ljubljana. Thus, in April 2022, a new bistro opened in Rudnik with an even wider range of food offerings.


Consistent and regular checking of the quality of our food allows us to ensure the authenticity and freshness of the dishes, which you, our beloved guests, like so much and because of you the dream of our star Miji can develop and grow.


We can be proud of the prestigious award Thai SELECT, awarded by the Ministry of Economy of the Government of the Kingdom of Thailand, with which they guarantee the authentic Thai taste of Thai ingredients and dishes in Thailand and around the world.

Interesting facts about Thai cuisine

A distinctive cooking style and sophisticated blend of spices and fresh ingredients is the driving force behind Thai cuisine. The combination of sour, sweet, bitter, salty, and especially spicy, clearly expresses Thai cuisine and thus creates unique tastes.


Thai cuisine is very popular in the Western world. In fact, two Thai dishes - Pad Thai and Tom Yum - are the most recognizable dishes and are available all over the world.

Thai food is characterized by an incredible taste, mainly because Thai chefs use different spices. They use things like soy and fish sauce to add saltiness to their dishes. Palm sugar and various fruit extracts are often used to sweeten dishes. Herbs added to dishes are usually fresh. An experienced chef will pay special attention to each dish and will do his best to achieve the perfect balance.


Although you may think, chopsticks are not a common utensil for eating Thai food! The primary eating utensils are a spoon and a fork.
Thai people are very friendly and sociable, so of course they like to eat in large groups and usually order enough for the whole table, as it is a habit to try several dishes at the same time.


Thai people revolve their lives around food! The most popular topics of conversation among locals are food and restaurant recommendations. Thais prefer to spend their social moments with cold beer, friends and, of course, good food.


As you already found out, Thai cuisine has a lot to offer. It is no wonder that Thailand is among the most popular tourist destinations in Asia. is thailand too far for you? don't worry - our restaurant is just around the corner! Visit us and enjoy the incredible taste of Thai cuisine and Slovenia!