Exotic Flavors of Thailand

Allergens in food

Allergens are also present in our food, which could ruin your culinary experience when eating our food.
Always check with our staff before ordering food.

The good side of spicy food

Just as all things in life are better if we "season" the moments, it is the same with cuisine. Spices enrich food and make the dish tastier, and they make the culinary experience itself fuller and at the same time beneficial to health.
Here are some good health benefits of spicy food:

  • It reduces the risk of development, cancer, diseases of the heart and respiratory system

  • It helps in losing and maintaining a healthy body weight, as it accelerates the metabolism itself

  • It regulates blood pressure and thus reduces the risk of heart attack

  • It has an anti-inflammatory effect

  • It has a high proportion of vitamin C

  • Stimulates blood circulation